Meet the artist

I was first introduced to woodturning in 2012 when a friend taught me how to make a wooden pen. I thought, “This would be a great hobby for my dad”. I called the local woodturning club and took my dad to a couple meetings. Shortly thereafter, “I” was hooked. I secured a Board position, started reading everything I could about woodturning, watched countless YouTube videos and took an introductory course. What began as a promising idea for my dad, soon became a passion for me.

I have always had a deep connection with nature. I love trees and have a reverence for the natural beauty in wood. I find it a little sad whenever a tree is downed regardless of the cause. For most of my work I use reclaimed hardwood or woods salvaged from storm-damaged trees, cabinet-maker’s off-cuts or neighbour’s firewood piles. It is very fulfilling to bring new life into old wood which might otherwise be discarded as scrap.

I am constantly on a quest to expand my knowledge and further develop my artistic skills. I have learned much from the members of the Calgary Woodturners Guild, the American Association of Woodturners and other woodturners who create DVDs and generously post their ideas on Youtube. I greatly appreciate all those who have shared their time, knowledge, ideas and expertise. I now enjoy paying it forward and teaching others the art of woodturning.